random stuff about me!

instagram: nidhog__g
pinterest: franks331
tiktok: schwanz.

spotify: frankie
(for tiktok there's an underscore after the period but it wont show idk)
tried doing the personalities test but never matches :/
I like skateboarding, graffiti, anime, cosplaying, music, robots and machinery, (fashion) photography, sculpture, creating and experimenting with clothes, oh and exploring!
I am mexican
if we hang out i will most likely embarrass you. i also really like to hang out in hollywood and little tokyo so we can go if you want! will most likely make you get a burrito or crepe with me

my favorites!

Anime: Samurai Champloo, Akira, One punch man, dorohedoro, neo tokyo, jojo, eizouken, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, FLCL, dead leaves, terror in resonance, children of the sea, mob psycho 100, studio ghibli movies, one piece, haikyu!!, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Night is short walk on girl, Redline, Soul Eater, Kengan Ashura, Durarara, cells at work, and okko's inn

Manga: Tokyo Aliens, The Promise Neverland, One punch man, Livingstone, Boys run the riot, The way of the househusband, my little monster, fruits basket, bakuman, and blue period, Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destructio, goodnight punpun, and eleceed(manhwa).
Music: MF DOOM, 2pac, Nujabes, Tyler the Creator, Gorillaz, the pillows, Britney Spears, Kai, Se So Neon, The Garden, Eve, Yung Bae, Macross 82-99, potsu, Vantage, Night Tempo, Mafumafu, ZAUTOMAYO, Mariya takeuchi, Bruno Mars, Anri.

Kin List

Hinata- Haikyu!

DEFINITELY MY HIGHEST if you wonder what i'm like it's him!

Asakusa- Keep your hands off eizouken

AHHH OK OK so hinata isn't my highest it's asakusa. STUPID. if you wonder what i'm like im asakusa with hinata mixed in. I get sudden bursts of excitement and im a bit more outgoing than asakusa but i'm usually only really hyper if im with people i know

Mugen-Samurai Champloo

hard to explain. kind of like him internally

Ryou- Boys run the riot

ouch it hurts how much i relate to him


◦ You are 18 and older
◦ Homophobic and transphobic
◦ you ship dream and george or anyone from mcyt (its fucking weird)
◦ Racist or xenophobic
◦ ur a Fujoshi or you fucking fetishize/sexualize gay men (go fuck yourself thanks)
◦ you like carson
◦ Your super straight or some shit